​​​​​​​    The Way of Yeshua  is an exquisitely researched and beautifully written novel about

    destiny, human nature and purpose that is sure to appeal to people of all faiths and religious



    In ancient Galilee, a male child is born.  His name is Yeshua and within days after his birth,

   Herod marks him for death forcing Yeshua’s family to flee into exile in Egypt.  This is only

   the first of many journeys Yeshua takes during his life; and, sadly, the first of many times

    his life is threatened. Mystery and mythology surround every aspect of Yeshua including

    his conception, birth, life, and death.  Some people say he was conceived by a virgin mother

    and that he is the son of G-d, a great teacher of the Law, keeper of the faith, and leader of  

    his people. Others say he is a charlatan whose birth was illegitimate according to the Law. 

    Within the context of his personal challenges, Yeshua finds himself embroiled 
in the social,

    political, and religious conflicts of the time.  When the Romans begin denigrating his people,

    disrespecting their Law, and defiling their land, Yeshua’s mission becomes clear.  There

    will be no stopping this well-considered, fully human meticulous strategist until the

    prophecies  of Isaiah and Zechariah are fulfilled. And fulfill them he does, by paying

    with his own life.  Or does he? 

    What if Yeshua did not die on the cross?  What if  the death and resurrection 
of Yeshua

     is one of the greatest stories ever told, but it is untrue. 

    Yeshua’s true impact on the world is even greater than the stories we know.  

    And so, the story begins...


   Finding Your Way  is an eclectic collection of 'lessons' drawn from

     everyday observances mixed with pivotal historical events that reveal

     essential themes and truths about the human experience and how each one

     of us can find our way through this amazing experience. Think of it as a

     modern day kind of Aesop's Fables, but with fewer animals.

     Finding Your Way serves as a guidebook to navigate the path of life by

     providing inspirational,  insightful, and informative lessons from diverse  

     sources to the reader for the purpose of  encouraging, engaging, and

     empowering you to  make the most of yourself and your life.  Building upon

     her background as a highly experienced Licensed Clinical Psychologist and

     ordained Interfaith Minister, Dr. Galante uses humor, cultural references, and

     every day events to enlighten  readers about the nature of being human and

     how to live their lives with meaning and fulfillment.

Why Do You Cry’ is a sweet parable about a curious girl seeking to understand emotions and behavior of others. For every parent or caretaker who wants to teach their children to have empathy for others, this book will help their child understand the impact of his or her actions on people, animals and Nature. The goal is to get kids thinking and talking about empathy, ecology, and the environment from an early age. 

'The Dog Who Was Afraid Of Feathers' is a story about the bond of friendship between a young girl and her beloved puppy named Ginger. The book shows how the power of love, trust and being mindfully present with each other can eliminate our fears.

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​​​​Finding Your Way

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    Spirit Manifestedis a loose collection of poetic reflections

    that serve to punctuate the life story of the author as

    she has grown through life - learning, loving, and losing.