​​​​Finding Your Way

Valerie Galante, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Life Empowerment Guide

Ordained Interfaith Minister

1+ (702) 439 - 2290


  Ages Served:

Adults aged 18 and older


Veteran Administration / Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQs):
Veterans who want to apply for disability benefits or appeal a disability rating

they have received from the Veterans Administration (VA) may self-refer

for an independent evaluation from a qualified provider. 

As a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, I have conducted hundreds of evaluations

for veterans and would be honored to assist veterans in Nevada.

Psychological Assessments:
* Intelligence (IQ) testing
* Academic Achievement
* Neuropsychological testing –

cognitive processing, attention, concentration, memory
* Personality testing
* Vocational Interests and Aptitudes/ Career Planning

Therapy Services:

Individuals, Couples, Groups

​Therapy Areas of Specialization: 


​ * Military Members and Veterans 

- general life issues 

- combat stress

- deployment issues 

- readjustment

​- transition to civilian life



* Health Issues/Mind-Body Medicine

- stress-related dis-eases

- sleep disturbances     

- nutrition imbalances


​ ​* Spiritual Issues 

- manifesting miracles

                                           - clarifying life purpose

- unresolved grief

- crisis of faith